Negative spaces - next class 10th October

Closeups and colour variations really allowed us to play with our palettes and the results were even more outstanding than last week.  See here for the paintings.


As we can now see and use colours that are not immediately obvious in our subjects, we're going to use this skill to create our backgrounds whilsts our subjects are going to be left as negative spaces.  We will use masking fluid, chinagraph pencils or wax crayons to mask out the spaces or paint them in afterwards using gouche or white ink.  Doing two paintings to use each technique, masking and painting in, should give us a great chance to experience the difference between them.

Cow parsley, poppy seed heads, honesty etc can be used as the subject for the class. 



10am Thurs 10th October 2019

Southgate Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds


Sheila O'Brien Cow Parsley in Blue