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Current news and class information for Southgate Watercolour Art Group        

The watercolour group meet usually meet at the Southgate Community Centre each Thursday morning to paint and exchange pleasantries.  They're a friendly bunch.


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Staying healthy - no next class planned yet

We hope everyone is keeping fit, healthy and happy in this worrying time. 


We had hoped that things will be back to normal enough by the end of April for us to start classes again.  Sadly this isn't the case. Watch this space for updates.


Rosie has asked everyone to drop her a line if you're still interested in coming to classes after the current crisis has passed.  Please send her an email or text - I'm sure she will be thrilled to hear from you.



This is the painting that Rosie started in the last class.  Beautiful as always!


We really hope to see you all soon.  Stay safe xx

Contre-jour - next class 19th March

We really let ourselves go and allowed the paint to do its thing in the last class.  A gallery is available here.


There are only two classes left in this term so we're going to make the most of them. 


Next class we will be using our homework pictures of backlit objects or scenes that we've been working on for the last few weeks (or should have been...).   If you still need to get a picture to work from, set up some objects on a sunny window sill and take the photo into the light.  We'll be concentrating on keeping the light rim around the objects and getting the brightness to shine through.


10 am Thurs 19th March 2020

Southgate Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds



Free flow - next class 12th March

Elker MemmlerAfter a couple of weeks working hard on getting our shadows right, we're having a fun (easy??) lesson on the 12th. 


We're going to be painting on saturated paper, covering the page with free form puddles and building up layers with abstract shapes, lifting out, adding textures and who knows what else.  Check out this video for a good demo of various lifting out techniques.


Come with salt, cling film, inks, crayons, granulation medium and anything else you want to play with and an object or plant to paint.  We'll be using a potted plant - primroses are plentiful and colourful at the moment - or something else similar and relatively easy to paint as inspiration.


Another reminder - we will be using our contre-jour photos (backlit objects/scenes - see here for more info) in our class on the 19th so gather your pics in readiness.


10 am Thurs 12th March 2020

Southgate Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds