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The watercolour group meet usually meet at the Southgate Community Centre each Thursday morning to paint and exchange pleasantries.  They're a friendly bunch.


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Free choice pen and wash - next class 28th November

In the last two classes of 2019, we're being given free choice on subjects with the option of using pen and wash. 


For those who want to give pen and wash a go, we'll be working on the drawing more than usual.  The subject can be anything you fancy - a still life of something natural, a landscape with buildings or anything else that has enough detail for you to get into. 


If you don't fancy pen and wash, just bring any subject, photo or still life.


10 am Thurs 28th November 2019

Southgate Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds

White objects - next class 21st November

Moving on with our new found love of colours, we're going to be painting white objects in our next class.  This will give us a chance to see that white is not just one colour but many and needs to have strong colours around it to stand out.


Bring along white objects - eggs, jugs, bowls etc - to add to the still life subjects.


Paintings from last week have been added to the gallery from the previous class - they look pretty fab!  Check them out here There's also a photo montage here done by Andy Abbott from his visit to the class.


10 am Thurs 21st November 2019

Southgate Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds

Colourful landscapes 2 - next class 14th November

Wow!  We were truly inspired to create some amazing paintings in the last class.  See the gallery here.


We're going to have another go at the same thing for the next class - more colourful landscapes - but for those who fancy an added challenge we're going to try adding gouache or inks to the mix.


Bring a picture to use as a guide and let your colourful imaginations run wild!


10am Thurs 14th November 2019

Southgate Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds


Painting by Michael David Sorensen