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Current news and class information for Southgate Watercolour Art Group        

The watercolour group meet usually meet at the Southgate Community Centre each Thursday morning to paint and exchange pleasantries.  They're a friendly bunch.


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Snow scenes 2 - next class 6th December

The paintings from our last class were truly beautiful and a gallery will be available soon. 


Our next class will also be focused on winter scenes to allow us to build on the things we learnt so dig out another inspiring winter photo or two.  Bring white guache, water soluble inks and anything else you fancy having a snowy play with.


10am Thurs 6th December 2018

Southgate Community Centre Small Hall, Bury St Edmunds


Snow scenes - next class 29th November

Well, portraits from life proved more difficult than anticipated, mostly due to the constant movement of the models :o)  Still, lots of great paintings were done - see the gallery here.


The next class should be a little less taxing as we're going to be working from photos.  Bring in a snow scene, preferrably one you've taken yourself, and have a go at recreating the image.


10am Thurs 29th November 2018

Southgate Community Centre Small Hall, Bury St Edmunds