Summer painting day

We're currently planning a day of painting with Felixstowe Ferry as our desitination on 22nd August.  There's plenty of things for everyone to paint there, a cafe and loos and plenty of parking.  You could bring your own lunch or eat in the cafe.


We'd like everyone to be involved so please get in touch with us either by adding a comment to this page or emailing Rosie.  Nothing has been decided yet so let us know if you have a different/better idea and which Thursdays you can make it if the 8th August doesn't work for you.


Car sharing will be possible probably from a few meeting points.  Say if you're going to need a lift or if you're happy to drive and the area/village that you are able to meet in or pick up from. 


Hi all, Just testing that this comments bit works... 8th Aug is a bit tricky for me but I will be able to sort things out if it's still the best day for everyone x

Am flexible with the date....need to know who is interested initially!

Sorry but I’m looking after my grandson that day. Such a shame.

Have you heard anything from anyone.. this may be a non starter !!

Looks like I may be Shrewsbury taking mum to the audiology clinic on that day so will not be able to make it.

Yes please. Would love to come along and I will drive so if anyone needs a lift from Bury I can help if need be.

Looks like it’s you, me , Chrissie and Pam! We can all go together- just a question of who has the biggest car.... I have a 2 door VW Up

Hi Sorry cannot make Felixstowe trip. Have a lovely time and see everyone in Sept.

Hi Cannot make next Thus- sorry. Have a lovely time and see you in Sept

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